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If you have Find My iPad enabled on your device, you can go to iCloud. You can then choose to send a message or play a sound to help you find it or set a passcode lock to prevent anyone from accessing your personal data.

Apr 14,  · How to Locate Your iPhone or iPad If It’s Lost or Stolen. by Ross Every iPad has a serial number. You can get the serial number by looking in iTunes under Edit – Preferences – Devices – (Works for Windows Host, if you a Mac user, it’s probably something similar). out of my house it wasnt till 4 days later that i found the Author: Ross Mckillop. There is still hope for you. Fortunately, when you first purchased and registered your iPad, you connected your contact information to the serial number of your device. It won’t help locate the iPad directly, but if the iPad is found by someone, police can trace the serial number to your contact information and then return the device to you. If you’ve had the unfortunate luck to have your iPad stolen, how do you track and report your stolen’s start with the basics. If your iPad was lost or very recently stolen and you’ve registered and installed the Find My iPad software on your device, then you could go to and track your iPad to see where its located.

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However, you can get an email alert if the device joins a Wi-Fi network. To get an email notification when your iPad is found; Go to iCloud. Of course, this would only work if the apps have already been set up on the device.

Apple will send you an email similar to this; Dear Steve, You are receiving this email because a law enforcement agency has contacted Apple regarding an iPad they recently recovered. Our records indicate the iPad was registered with Apple using this email address. Please be assured that Apple has not shared any of your personal information with this third can i track my ipad by serial number. Best regards, Apple Customer Care Report it Stolen Your next step will be to report the stolen device to your local law enforcement agency.

Will Apple help me with my lost or stolen device? Apple does not have a process to track or flag lost or stolen product. However, you can use find a list of serial numbers that have been purchased or registered with your Apple ID by using My Support Profile. To get your serial number: 1. Sign in with your Apple ID. Although, Apple does not track or flag stolen products, if law enforcement recovers an Apple Product they know is lost or stolen they can contact Apple Corporate Security directly to notify you using your contact information.



Check with your insurance agent to find out if the device was covered under your policy.


If you are really serious about keeping your personal information out of the hands of a stranger, you can also remotely wipe the device to remove all of your information.

Make sure you have the serial number to give to law enforcement. You can also report your device as stolen online using websites like Stolen-Property. This is a free website that enters your item into a database that is used by pawn shops and others to track stolen property that comes into their can i track my ipad by serial number. Hopefully, you will find your iPad, but if your are unable to recover it you may be able to file an insurance claim if it was stolen from your home or car.

can i track my ipad by serial number
can i track my ipad by serial number

Feb 02,  · My Ipad was stolen at the Convention Center while I was working from the desk that I use to sign my staff in. No one saw anything. The "find me" is offline and Apple is full of bull crap. So I still have my box with all of my serial number and info numbers on it. I got this ipad for Christmas and have been bummed out every since. Oct 26,  · The Find My iPad service is the tracking technology in place provided by Apple. There is no practical way a device can be be located without such a service in place. And just to correct a common misunderstanding, Find My iPad/iPhone/iPod doesn't take an app, just setting up the service on the device and then a computer with a web browser and an Internet connection. Dec 05,  · Law enforcement might request the serial number of your device. Find your device serial number. Report your lost or stolen device to your wireless carrier. Your carrier can disable the account, preventing phone calls, texts, and data use. Find My iPhone is the only way that you can track or locate a lost or missing device.