This assures your actions and behaviours are consistent. Collaboration Leadership always requires a level of collaboration. Getting along with people will become much easier if you have a clear leadership philosophy to follow.

Aside from accountability, publishing your leadership philosophy will provide another major benefit: the ability to reflect. While the philosophy must naturally be built around your actual values and objectives you want to achieve, bouncing these ideas with another person can provide an invaluable angle to your thinking.

On the other hand, if you are loosing your sense of direction, how do i write a leadership philosophy person who has seen your leadership philosophy statement can nudge you back in the right direction.

In a way, you become better at controlling your behavior and you strengthen the qualities required of a successful leader. Consistency The above benefit directly relates to the second advantage of creating a leadership philosophy: consistency. The most important aspect of the philosophy is setting out and defining your values and objectives.

The focus is on writing down the guiding principles you will use as part of your leadership. Finally, you need to write down how you will behave and react in the workplace, no matter what the situation is. The behaviors should reflect your leadership philosophy and highlight the core ideas in action. The identification of your past successes and failures during Step 1 will help with the last point.

Overall, leadership philosophy will provide clarity to your leadership. Business strategist and author John Spence has written a good blog post on the topic and in it, he gave a powerful example of the benefits of a leadership philosophy.

Leadership philosophy has a foundational element to it. The different components included create a strong basis on which to build on and take your leadership forward. You are better-equipped to lead and to succeed in your leadership with a leadership philosophy due to three core benefits: character, consistency and collaboration. Character Drafting a leadership philosophy will provide clarity and focus in your character.

What are the actions you want to or should achieve as a leader? The actions can range from finding tools to motivate your team to enhance innovation. When you have the goals defined, you must reflect on the ways your values relate to and impact these objectives. You can do this by answering the following questions: How do my values support the key goals of leadership?

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An effective way to prioritize your values is by comparing them with each other. The value you choose is the one you rank as more important. You can do this prioritization with all of your values by comparing them against each other.

The way you see yourself will always differ slightly from the experience of others and you can learn a great deal about your characteristics by asking questions from others.



Look at each action and consider the different ways your values would have a positive impact on it. How do my values show in the way I communicate with my teams? Think about the above and the positive or negative impact your values, actions and objectives will have on the team. You want to identify the routes that uphold your values, but create a meaningful partnership with your followers.

The feedback can be useful in ensuring your philosophy is the best roadmap for you to move forward. Overall, the idea behind publishing or sharing your leadership philosophy is all about feedback. If you are criticized consider the words carefully and think whether there is some truth to them. How to publish your leadership philosophy? There are different ways to go about it, how do i write a leadership philosophy.

Step 1: Define your values and priorities The first, and perhaps the most important part of the process is defining your values and priorities. You need to look deep inside you to discover the values you want to highlight and which you how do i write a leadership philosophy make leaders great. You need to be able to answer the following questions as part of this step: What are the values I think are the most important in life and business?

Sep 08,  · This is accomplished by writing a Personal Leadership Philosophy, which states the core values you live by, what you expect of your people, what they can expect of you, and how you will. Jan 05,  · How a Personal Leadership Philosophy Can Propel Your Career Upwards: Your personal foundation or belief in human nature. A particular system of thought. A system of principles for guidance. An activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, Author: Deb Calvert. 2. Your leadership philosophy becomes your true north. Everything you do, everything you say, every action, every decision, every plan is filtered through your philosophy. Your philosophy becomes your rudder. It helps you to maintain the right direction. It keeps you from straying. It is your compass. It keeps you from losing effectiveness. 3. Your leadership philosophy will connect you to your work.

Remember leadership was about influencing others to follow your vision. You need to pick each value and examine how it would help inspire others and move you closer to your vision. How do my values support the operational goals? How can my values strengthen the actions required how do i write a leadership philosophy achieve the objectives?

How to Develop a Leadership Philosophy?

The objectives you want to deliver and the values you want to keep at the heart of your leadership will be known. Even the knowledge that people have access to your statement or your closest friends or mentors know it can be enough to keep you focused on following your path.

Write the specific elements of leadership you believe are at the heart of being a good leader; the values you prioritize. An example sentence could be: I believe in confronting issues head-on is the key to better communication. These sentences refer to the attitudes you want to foster in the workplace; the example you want to set with your own attitude.


He used the famous quote by Walt Disney to make a point about why successful leaders need to define the framework for action. Before providing you with the format for your written philosophy, we are going to explain why having a published leadership philosophy matters.

By having a written statement, you are sure to have a reminder of the ideals you want to be pushing towards. But it can be more beneficial to have the leadership philosophy published or at least shared with a few people because it increases your accountability.

how do i write a leadership philosophy


Character matters because it influences your everyday decision-making and communication with other people. Without a proper understanding of your character and the traits you truly value, you are more likely to fall into bad habits and to let emotions control you. By making a conscious decision with the help of a leadership philosophy, you outline the characteristics you want to strive for and which you value in other people as well, how do i write a leadership philosophy.

Step 3: Write down your leadership philosophy With the above steps concluded, you can start putting your leadership philosophy on paper, how do i write a leadership philosophy. We briefly mentioned the importance of having a written statement in the previous section, how do i write a leadership philosophy. Writing down your philosophy helps clarify your ideas and makes it all just a bit more concrete. The format is based on the four core elements of leadership philosophy: theory, attitude, principles and behavior.


Dec 22,  · Writing an educational leadership philosophy statement. An example structure for an educational leadership philosophy statement and guiding questions to help those preparing a statement are presented in Table 1 below. While every statement will uniquely articulate the educational leadership beliefs and practices of each author. 2. Your leadership philosophy becomes your true north. Everything you do, everything you say, every action, every decision, every plan is filtered through your philosophy. Your philosophy becomes your rudder. It helps you to maintain the right direction. It keeps you from straying. It is your compass. It keeps you from losing effectiveness. 3. Your leadership philosophy will connect you to your work. Dec 21,  · A leadership philosophy provides insight into the ideas, values, attributes and expectations that comprise how you approach leadership. Your leadership philosophy reflects what is important to you as a leader, so that you’ll be grounded in it and so that others can understand what you stand for and what they can expect from you as a leader.

In order to do this, you need to study the outcomes you want to achieve in the light of your chosen values. First, you should identify the goals for your leadership and the possible operational goals your organization is looking to achieve.

What are the behaviors and actions I expect from my followers? Nonetheless, you need to consider the behaviors and actions, which are in conflict with the objectives you want to achieve as a leader and as an organization, and the behaviors, which are not sustainable in how do i write a leadership philosophy of your own values. The above helps you to clarify what your leadership philosophy should look like in action. It makes the values turn into concrete examples in terms of behaviors and actions.

Among the things you need to define with your philosophy is your approach to collaboration. The framework requires careful consideration of engagement, communication and accountability. Defining these, you create more consistency and improve your chances of more meaningful collaboration. People will know what your values are, they understand your approach to how do i write a leadership philosophy and thus they feel more comfortable because you follow these well-defined patterns of behavior.

Define what you mean by it by writing down a few sentences. It is definitely worthwhile doing this all on paper because it will help you better communicate your ideas to yourself. If you have around values selected, you should consider which ones resonate the most with you or which you think are the most essential in terms of leadership.

You should be able to state the essence of your leadership philosophy in a few sentences.

Once you define these, you immediately create more consistency to your behavior and actions. You have guidelines, which how do i write a leadership philosophy you make decisions and take action, how do i write a leadership philosophy. Whenever you are faced with a decision, you will evaluate the options based on how they relate to the value of sustainability — Will it hinder or enhance it?

You should eventually have a value on top that beat all the others in comparison. Step 2: Define the desirable outcomes you want to achieve As well as defining your values, you also need to examine the outcomes you wish to achieve as a leader.

Leader believes followers should have the power to make decisions. Leader believes in empowering followers through increased responsibilities. The framework is effective when followers are knowledgeable. Leader believes that everyone should have equal say within the team. Leader values participation, consultation and consideration. Leader emphasizes co-operation and support. Leader believes results are best achieved in a controlled system. Leader has clear vision, how do i write a leadership philosophy, including how and when things should be done.

Leader is accountable for the decision-making. You can use these generalized models as guidance for defining your own leadership philosophy. While learning about other philosophies can be how do i write a leadership philosophy solid way to identify useful qualities, you need to adopt an approach that comes from your heart, how do i write a leadership philosophy.

How to Develop a Leadership Philosophy that Inspires

how do i write a leadership philosophy

You could naturally share with a few close friends or colleagues and ask their opinions. But you could go further than that and have your leadership philosophy on your personal website. This could potentially be a good idea even in terms of career progressionas future employers might get a better understanding of what your leadership looks like. How do i write a leadership philosophy are the four steps you need to take in order to draft a proper leadership philosophy, which will guarantee you succeed as a leader.

What are my personal strengths and weaknesses when it comes to values and behaviors? What do I feel are the priorities of a leader? But how do you define the core values and priorities? First, you need to actually understand why you think a specific value has value. Entrepreneur and author Kevin Daum has written a great post on Inc. Daum suggests taking the following steps: Identifying the following moments from your life and describing them in detail: Three greatest accomplishments Three greatest moments of efficiency Three greatest failures Three greatest moments of inefficiency Consider the above moments and examine the possible common themes between them.