You can also remove your email account, then set it up again. Contact your email provider or system administrator Contact your email provider or check their status webpage to see if there's a service outage. You might need a special password or may need to request authorization from your email provider to send and receive email on your device. Make sure that all of your email is there or make sure that your email is saved somewhere other than your iOS device.

Your device will fetch new data in the background only when your device is charging and connected to Wi-FI. Make sure that your Notification settings are correct for the Mail app: Go to Settings, then tap Notifications.


If Push isn't available as a setting, your account will default to Fetch. These settings affect how your device receives email. To adjust these settings: Go to Settings. Tap Fetch New Data. Choose a setting, like Automatically or Manually, or choose a schedule for how to send email from iphone 4s often Mail fetches data. With iOS 11 and later, Automatically is set by default.

How to send a photo by email on my Apple iPhone 4S

Tap Outbox. Tap an email in the Outbox. Tap Send. Check your email address and password If Mail asks you to enter a password for your email account, make sure that your password is correct. To check your email address and password, sign in to your email provider's website. If you still get a username or how to send email from iphone 4s error, contact your email provider or system administrator.

how to send email from iphone 4s

Tap the email account that you want to remove. Tap Delete Account, how to send email from iphone 4s.

Make sure that your device is connected to the Internet. To check your cellular-data or Wi-Fi connection, go to Safari and open a webpage. Check with your email service provider to find out if there's a temporary service outage on their webpage. Check your Outbox and try to send the email again: In Mail, tap Mailboxes in the upper-left corner.

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If you have a POP3 email account, then you can only check email on one device at a time. Close other email programs and sign out of webmail sites that you have open. If you still need help Contact your email provider.

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To see a list of email accounts: Tap the field at the top left corner of the display. Tap the required email account below Inboxes. Tap the new email message icon at the bottom right corner of the display. Jul 22,  · Check your Outbox and try to send the email again: In Mail, tap Mailboxes in the upper-left corner. Tap Outbox. If you don’t see an Outbox, then your email was sent. Tap an email in the Outbox. Make sure that the recipient’s email address is correct. Tap Send. IPhone business users want to send documents as email attachments, just as they do from their desktop PC. Although the iPhone's Mail app lacks an attachment button, other apps, including Notes.


Before you begin There are a few things to keep in mind and check: iOS backups made in iCloud and iTunes back up your mail settings, but not your emails. If you delete or change your email account settings, previously downloaded emails might be removed from your iOS device.

Tap Mail. Adjust your Alerts, Sounds, and Badges. Check your Mail settings When you set up your email account on your device, iOS automatically uses the correct account settings for many email providers. Tap your email address next to Account to see the account information, such as the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

how to send email from iphone 4s

I cannot send mail from my Iphone 4s. The notice reads: The user name or password for "SMTP:[email protected]" is incorrect. May 09,  · Sounds as if your outgoing server (SMTP) is not verified on the account, and as such is not logging into the server and allowing it to send mail. Go back into your mail accounts and check the settings for the SMTP server. Fortunately, iPhone is smart enough to get the job done. When you email your iPhone video, the video will be compressed to a smaller size for sending out. If you want to email iPhone videos and photos via the Mails app, the following guide will provide you a little help. How to Email iPhone Videos and Photos Via Mails App Step 1.